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J3n the Destruct0r
I'm cranky and short. I like food, sex, sleep, comics, and "special" movies. One day, I will eat a deep fried baby.

I recently got a DA account. I'm hoping that in the spirit of competition, I'll make arts for it. It just has a lot of old crap for now.
abortions and abortionists, akira kurosawa, alan moore, alternative and self-published comics, amputees, animals, aqua teen hunger force, arling and cameron, art, assassinations, asses of either sex, atomic bombs, awkward social situations, bad goth clubs, bamboo forests, battle of kawanakajima, bizarre sexual practices, bjork, brother-sister incest, bushido, buttman magazine, cannibalism, cellists, chairman mao, chan-wook park, chen kaige, chick tracts, china, comic con and ape, concubines, crappy cars, cyber and steam punk, dario argento, darth vera, david cronenberg, dead can dance, dead children, deformities, dirty sex, dwarves, embalmers, fat cosplay girls, fetishes, foreign cultures and languages, funker vogt, genital torture, gong li, goth-industrial, grant morrison, hate, henry sanada, homoeroticism, hookers, ieyasu tokugawa, j-pop, japan, japanese cinema, japanese history, jet li, jim lee, katja kassin, katsu shintaro, kazuo koike, kiyoshi kurosawa, larpers, lone wolf and cub, lucio fulci, mark ryden, martin the satanic racoon, mass suicides, mayhem, mechanisms of destruction, meifumado, metalocalypse, midgets, military uniforms, min-sik choi, miyamoto musashi, morticians, mu, mummies, music, new rock boots, nick cave, ninjas and ninjutsu, noise music, nuclear holocausts, oda nobunaga, pj harvey, porn and pornographers, post-apocalyptic scenarios, powernoise, profanities, prosthetics, r. lee ermey, rasputina, religious whackjobs, renji ishibashi, riki takeuchi, robert crumb, rocketworld, ryuhei kitamura, s. clay wilson, samurai, samurai movies, sex toys, shannon wheeler, shaw bros, shintoism, shinya tsukamoto, sho aikawa, snipers, sonny chiba, strip clubs, strippers, subversive literature, suicides, tadanobu asano, takashi miike, takeda shingen, tanks, tatsuya nakadai, terry moore, the battle of sekigahara, the cinema of hate, the edo period, the tick, the x-men, tmnt, todd solondz, tom waits, tomisaburo wakayama, too much coffee man, tori amos, toshiro mifune, total war, toys, tranny hookers, traveling, tsui hark, usagi yojimbo, vader, various ethnic foods, war movies, whores, writing, wrongness, zhang yimao, zombies and zombie films


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